Fish PassageThe Project: BF 71073 Smooth Wall Steel Pipe Culvert Replacement and Fish Passage Enhancements Tributary to The Clearwater River On Hwy 22:22 Near Rocky Mountain House. Re-design and construction of a bridge size culvert replacement (2400 mm SWSP x 68 m installed through tunneling, jacking and pneumatic hammer), channel diversion and fish passage enhancements, side slope improvement and guardrail upgrades.

Client: Alberta Transportation, Central Region

Role of Consultant: Prime Consultant

Services: Hydrotechnical design, detailed design, tender package preparations, contract administration and construction inspection and post construction services.

Sub-Consultants:Sar Point Engineering – Geomatics and Survey
ParklandGeo – Geotechnical Review
Merestone Geomatics – Construction Survey

Key Consultant Staff: Chuck R. Wiltzen, P. Eng – Principal In-Charge- Project Manager, design lead and independent review.
Dan Sune, P. Eng – Project Engineer- Design, tender preparation and contract administration and final details.
Edward Apolonio, P. Eng – Project Engineer – Contract administration and construction inspection and final details.

Dates: Project commenced in January 2014
Project tender ready in June, 2014
Construction Completion June 2015