Name of project: Timms Centre for the Arts

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Completed: 1995

Architect: Brinsmead Ziola Kennedy Architecture

Electrical: Grice Maskell Engineering

Mechanical: Kroening Consultants Ltd.


The Timms Centre for the Arts, located on the University of Alberta Campus, includes a 289 seat theatre with supporting facilities including areas for the design and construction of props and costumes, a second performance space, a rehearsal hall, classrooms, and a large lobby area for patrons to gather before performances. Also included is an underground parkade below the building. Because of the juxtaposition of curves and straight lines the building is a focal point on a high traffic area of the campus.

Construction was undertaken within tight site restrictions due to the location of the adjacent streets. In order to produce an economical structural system the building was constructed using concrete and structural steel with the mechanical and electrical systems integrated within the structure.