Since 1961, BPTEC Engineering has served the western Canada market.

Our services range from prime consulting for the transportation sector, including bridge and culvert structures, to sub-consulting for buildings and industrial projects.

Over our six decade history, we have been privileged to be deeply involved in Edmonton and Western Canada’s healthcare, transportation, education, arts, and industry – the very fabric of our communities.


  • Bridge Superstructure
  • Bridge Substructure
  • Bridge Planning Conceptual Design
  • Bridge Impact Repair (section replacement)
  • Bridge Assessment (historical and newer)
  • Bridge Load Ratings
  • Noise/Retaining Walls


  • New Construction
  • Modernizations and Expansions
  • Rehabilitation Structural
  • Condition Assessments

Sign Structures

  • Highway Sign Structures and Accessory Supports
  • Building Mounted Signs
    • Awnings, Canopies, and Parapets
    • Projecting and Roof Signage
    • Wall / Fascia Signs
  • Free Standing Signs
    • Electronic Message Centres
    • Joint Tenant Signs
    • Monument, Pole, and Pylon Signs
  • Digital Signs
    • External Signs
    • Video Wall Display


  • Civil/Structural Evaluation
  • Transformer and Equipment Pads and Replacements
  • High Voltage Support Structures 
    • Dead End Structures
    • Bus Infrastructure (Breakers and Disconnects)
  • Duct Bank and Pull Pits
  • Substations, Annexes, Relay Rooms
  • Secondary Containment
    • Concrete and Polymer Liners
    • Greenfield and Brownfield
    • Passive and Active Drainage System

Welding and Connection Design

  • Welding Engineering
  • Guardrails and Handrails
  • Equipment and Access Platforms
  • Stairs and Ladders
  • Piping Anchors


  • Permanent and Excavation Retaining Walls
  • Temporary Construction Shoring

Construction Phase (Contractor) Engineering Support

  • Formwork, Falsework, and Temporary Shoring Design
  • Lifting Procedures and Erection Plan Design
  • Traffic Accommodation Strategies
    • Site Detour Design
    • Detour Bridge Design

Care of Water and Stream Flow Accomodation and Planning Design