Since 1961, BPTEC Engineering has served the western Canada market.

Our services range from prime consulting for the transportation sector, including bridge and culvert structures, to sub-consulting for buildings and industrial projects.

Over our six decade history, we have been privileged to be deeply involved in Edmonton and Western Canada’s healthcare, transportation, education, arts, and industry – the very fabric of our communities.

Practice Areas:


  • Bridge superstructure
  • Bridge substructure
  • Bridge planning
  • Bridge impact repair (Section replacement, heat straightening)
  • Bridge assessment (historical and newer)
  • Bridge load ratings
  • Noise/retaining walls (Whitemud Drive, Wayne Gretzky)


  • New construction
  • Modernizations and Expansions
  • Rehabilitation
  • Structural Condition Assessments

Sign Structures

Fall Arrest

Welding and Connection Design